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Trade marks and copy rights of printing industry products listed for sale at are used legally for identification purposes only. All trade marks and copy rights belong to their respective owners. is not associated with any of the following and makes no claims on the following trade marked or copy right equipment names or brand names used in listing a piece of equipment for sale.

You will find Brand Names like;
AB Dick, Accel, ACCUFAST, Advent, Agfa Gavaert, AGFA, AK1, Akiyama, Allied Duplex, Astronic sewers, ATF Chief, ATF, Autovend, Baker Perkins, BAUM 20/20, BAUM 744B, Baumfolder, BAUM, Belco, Bell & Howell, Bessler, Bestline, Best Osakom BMS, Bobst, Bostich, Bourg Collator, Bourg, Boyle, BRACKETT, Bregman, Buhrs, C5 Gergek Computer, Cameron, Caprock, Challenge JF Paper Drill, Challenge, Champion, Color King, Color Master, Daige, Dexter, Dexter Lawson, Dick Moll, DIDDE Bindall, DocuVac, Douthitt, Drent America, DS America, Duplo, DuPont, Dusenbery, DYNARIC, Enco, Fastback, Fastbak, FELINS, FP Rossback, G&J, Gaebel Enterprises, Gammerler, GMS, Goodkin, Goss, Green Machine, GTO, H S Boyd, Halm, Hanilton, Hamada, Hantscho, Harris, Haskins Economizer, Heidelberg, Heidelberg MOE, Heidelberg KORD, Heidelberg GTO , Heidelberg SORDZ, Herzog Hermann, Hi Ace, Hitachi, Horizon, HS Boyd, Hunkeler, Hurst, Ibico, IMC, Imperial Infoseal, Indigo, Interlake, Iris, ITOH, KBA, K&M, Kirk-Rudy, Klimsch, Kodak, Kolbus, Komori, Komori Sprint, Komori S226, Komori L226, Komori L526, Komori L628, Komori L6 40, Konig, Konig Bauer, KUDO ACE AIR, Lawson, Linotype, Lithrone, Loache, Loge, Macy 562, Mailmaster, Martin Yale, Matzeit slitter, MAXIMA, Maxson, MBM, MBO, McAdams perforator, McCain speed binder, Mecano Auto Punch, Michael Business Machines, MicroCut, Microglue,Miehle, MINCOM, MINUTEMAN, Miller, Mitsubishi, Miyakoshi, Modulen cutter, Muller, Muller Martini, MULLER MINUTEMAN, Multigraphics, Ochsner, Ohio Knife Co, OMEGA, Omni Graphics, Omni Adast, Osaka 230, Perf-a-matic, Pitney Bowes, PLANAX, Planeta, POLAR 115 EMC, POLAR, POLAR EMC, POLAR ELTROMAT, Polar Mohr, Pony Binder, Pot Devin gluer, Powis-Parker, PERFECTA, PRISM, PrintPath, PRIVANO, PROCUT 32, Procut, Quickmaster, PROVANO TC103, PUNCHMASTER Qtech, RapidsetReece Binder, REGAL, Repkover, Ricoh, Rima, Roconex, Roland, Reland Rekord, Roland RZK, Roland RSK, ROLLEM, ROSBACK, Rosenthal Sheeters, Rotoman, Royal Zenith, Ryobi, RZO, Sandco, Sandmar, Schneider Senator, Setmaster, Scitex, SCOTT Tabbing, Selectset, Sergent, SEYBOLD SABER 65, Seypa, Sheridan, Shinohara, Sickinger, Smyth, Solna, Spartanics, Spinnit, Stahl, Standard, Stanley Bostich, StrapMaster, Streamfeeder, Suburban web, Sulby, Super Quad, SYBOLD SABER, Sybold Citation, Teaneck, Ternes-Burton, THERM-O-TYPE, Tobias, TOM-TOK, TOPPY, Townsend, TRIUMPH, Velobind, VIRGOTYPE, Vivas, Vulcan, Watkiss, WEB KelectWohlenberg, X RITE, XEROX, Xerox 920, X-Rite.

Each of the brands names are identified by their use within the Printing Industry.

For example you will find; typesetting equipment, cameras, drum scanner, film developers, film processors, plate makers, plate processors, plate punch, step and repeat, duplicators and small presses, large format litho presses, web presses, rotogravure presses, flexo presses, label press, stamping presses, die cutting presses, bindery equipment, saddle binders, perfect binders die cutting press, foil stamping press, bindery, pre press, 1 color press, 2 color press, 4 color press , 6 color press, 8 color press, thermograph, paper cutters, shrink wrap, velo binder, coil binders, wire-O binders, tools, parts, motors and much more.

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